The stage of life

No, I’m not going to go through all seven life stages of a human being, I am going to talk about something I have been wanting to do for a while now.


Yes, acting. I adore and admire the art, and the hard work that comes with it.

Now, if you know me personally, you may laugh, and go:

“But Kyra, you hate hard work!”

And I would agree with you; yes, I do, I hate working hard.

But the full stop has been placed too soon. I hate working hard for things I don’t enjoy. There’s a reason behind my god-awful grades. Which I am trying to lift out of the deep dark pit I dragged them to, mind you. But that’s beside the point. The point is, I would reshoot a scene many times without complaints(unless I think one of the existing shots was perfect), and I would keep going ’till early morning if the schedule is tight, and I would learn to fucking dance and sing (my worst nightmare) if my role needs it, and I will tolerate any inconveniences that come with the job, because the job sounds fantastic to me. And I am fully aware it’s not much of a job, especially when you start acting, because it always starts with a hobby, and a part-time thing, because it’s not very reliable and it’s not much of a steady income, and roles come and go, and it’s complicated and I’m probably forgetting a load of other negative sides about acting, but for once, I would love to take the risk. And this isn’t about getting major roles in Hollywood films, it’s about how much I think I would enjoy acting.

Now, I also know one does not simply start acting. There’s a lot of practice in the art, and one should start early, if you ask me. So next week I’ll start with simple theatre lessons, and we’ll see how it goes.

A headfirst slide into the terror of new things, with intense guitar riffs in the far background. For dramatic effect, you see.

Ah, yes. Acting. It’s terrifyingly attractive, is it not? Or maybe that’s just me.

I salute you, and wish you all a very good night.

Off to adventure! In a stereotypical fist-in-the-air pose, of course.