Updates on productivity.

My post titles are like Fall Out Boy song titles.

So. It has certainly been a while. I think there really is no one other than me to blame for this. On the other hand, I have been updating all of my social media profiles, and frankly, it’s time I update this one, too.

I took a walk today. Which is terrifying, I know. But yes, I exercised a bit, and as I did so, I took photos. Also terrifying. When I came home, I helped my mum make dinner, I cleaned and reorganised my closet, so all in all; Terrifying.

Yes. I have been productive lately! Productivity is so much easier to achieve when no one forces you. When I am alone, I would be much quicker to clean my room, vacuum it, learn for tests, exercise, eat healthy.. I’m not implying I do all these things on a regular basis, but what I am implying is that I am much more compelled to do such activities when no one tells me to. I get a feeling of defiance and rebellion every time someone orders me about. This is an accurate representation of what happens:

“Clean your room! It’s a mess! Your grades are going down, too. It’s linked, you know. A messy room equals a messy head!”

At this point, my inner monologue would go something like: “Good point, yes. I can’t function as well in a messy room as in an organised one, but I could think of that myself, thank you. I don’t need you pointing that stuff out.” Which then causes me to sit on my arse out of defiance and mindlessly scroll Tumblr.

So, I have lost all interest in this post, guess what I’m doing now (if you are incapable of guessing, read the last three words of the sentence before this one.) So I think this rounds up today’s post. Enjoy the rest of your day.

See you in hell!


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