Certain things are just timeless. For any era, for any age. Leather jackets, for example. And sleepovers. Also roadtrips, stargazing, Converse shoes, writing, music, and trench coats.

The beauty about those things is the way you could still talk to your great-grandchildren about the colour of your favorite Converse, the sleepovers you held when you were eight, the ones you held when you were twenty, and the fantastic roadtrip you had in between. The way you see the same things in old photographs as you see with the outcasts, before it becomes the latest fashion, and turns into an old photograph by time, so the cycle can repeat itself. Not forever, of course. But long enough for the people to consider it ageless.

Because that’s what ageless is. Simply long-lasting. But that’s the beauty of that concept. Nothing is forever, but some things are forever remembered. And some things come close to forever, and when that happens, we call it ageless.

Ageless like the dreams lived long after they were dreamed.

Too much?

Yeah, too much.

I’ll see you around.