Appropriate titles are for regular people.

Ah, don’t think I forgot about this ole thing, I simply forgot to finish my drafts, and when I look back, it’s already too late to post them.

The story of my life, and I’m not even at a quarter of it, how truly promising!

Anyways, I’ve been well, thanks for asking. I have been up to a few things, I have been down a few times, I have had adventures and I have figured out my brother’s password.

Oh, and my TARDIS key is still hanging unfinished on a standard. The things I forget. They would make quite the list, in my case.

Anyways, I have had some magnificent school-related sucesses and some other general good things in my life, but things are still not very impressive. Anyways, tomorrow’s a day for walking and watching three series simultaneously, but a busy schedule means ‘get the fuck out of your goddamn bed before i take you by the sheets and rip you from your fajita-like cocoon right into the freezing cold of the outside world.’ or something less… Vulgar.


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