Slowly getting out of (W)h(o)and

Am I slowly (slowly? I don’t even believe myself) becoming the Doctor? Or do I just like the shoes?


It’s a mystery to us all.

€ 70,- for the bloody things, but I believe that’s worth it, in the end. I had a grumpy shopping trip with mum and bought nothing but these lovely little buggers.

Now that i think of it, I bought two tiny, tiny little notebooks. They’re really cute, if not a bit unfortunate in color. There were only pink and purple ones in one pack, but they’re cute and little and I should start keeping paper and a pen with me, it has proven to be useful before.

That’s the end of this post, although I might go for a walk if the weather clears up; it’s gross outside, and I can still feel the ghost of droplets on my face, despite being entirely dried up.

Still, every post must end, and every second I waste will be used to strike me back in the inevitable way, namely:

Draft saved at 6:15:47 pm.



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