One Hell of an Age Gap

Here I am, on the couch, not even wanting to walk to the kitchen to make myself a tea. Who would, after 3 hours of continuous walking. In bad shoes, too. It was wonderful though, Liz hit me up saying she wanted to do some walking, but I had made plans with my mum to do the same. Easy compromise; The three of us (four, after we robbed another lovely friend from his home) walk together. We had adventures, found a port’o potty, tripped over our own feet, made them hurt, made bad jokes, found playgrounds, construction sites, and rivers, and generally enjoyed each others’ presence.

With my mum, of course.

She felt like she was twenty again, she told me, laughing, after we dropped the team off at their living areas. Everyone loved my mum’s company, you would have forgot she’s over two decades apart in age. Three, in my case, even. She’s a youthful one, my mum. But with the wisdom of someone who has lived a long, long time.

So we had a wonderful time, this will defenitely happen again in the near future, and I think the energy drink I had an hour ago has worn off, and I need a rest. Very busy- but fun!- day ahead, and I’m already half an hour into it. I’ll make myself some gentle (HA!) tea and round things up now.

See you in hell!


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