About promises and confiscating laptops

10am was not a good time for me to wake up, it ended up being 1:30pm that I found my way (by foot, the front tire of my bike was COMPLETELY flat) to Lisanne’s house, snacks at the ready, and out of breath.

Episode one of Orphan Black sparked my interest, and we’ll be watching the rest of season one after a quick hop to the supermarket.

I’m comfortable in her bed (with her laptop, how could you tell us apart like this) right now, a bit sick off chocolate, not sure why. Her laptop is overheating just a bit, but it makes for a nice warm spot for cold nights. God bless old laptops. I downloaded season one of Torchwood for her, too.
I’m picking out the dog hairs from between her keys, I don’t know how she manages. Or how she managed to lose her backspace and tab key, it’s awful. 

Nonetheless, she’s taking a shower, and I’m going to round up this post and join her to the Albert Heijn soon.

See you in hell!


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