I won’t be informing you on myself here, there’s an About page for a reason. I’ll be updating this blog with my thoughts and possibly interesting events in my life.

I’ll make this quick because I’ll go to sleep soon. Not because I’m tired, but because I’m a responsible adult who needs to make the right decisions.


Says the girl who’s going over to her friends’ at 10am to watch all 12 episodes of Orphan Black in a day.
And failed, quite hilariously, may I add, at making lasagna with her brother. Well, it was my brothers fault, really. He forgot everything but was so busy forgetting, he wouldn’t let me do it. It was still sort of edible, I suppose. 

I never succeed at keeping things short, I’m sort of unorganized. Should I try making a mind palace? My mum succeeded, and so did Sherlock, I might give it a shot, I know how it works.

A bit.

So, this will be my blog, where I will tell the world of my minor adventures, my stray thoughts and maybe my existential crisis. What do you think?


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