Before I go to bed…

Not only will this be a blog for me to dribble all over and possibly forget, it’s also in a minor way, a bet, between me and Liz, who is on here under the URL of wordsonathousandpages, to see who can stay active on our blogs the longest. I’m usually the kind of person to forget I made a blog, and so, let it gather virtual dust and leave it untouched for years, and I wanted to see who could hang onto their blog longer. Not forced, just, who will keep it regularly updated and visited.

That’s my little bet, but that’s not what this blog is about.

Anyways, I’m going to stuff my laptop under my couch and wrap myself in blankets, now. Early day (not really, but when you wake up at an average time of 2pm, 9am is a big change.) tomorrow!



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