An unfinished TARDIS key


An unfinished TARDIS key

So Lisanne walked the dog/walked me home, and we passed a locksmith. We looked each other in the eye and quickly agreed to get ourselves a TARDIS-like key. It still needs cutting, but I want it to be accurate and at the time I had no reference. Looks good, no?

Will update on the key once it’s done.


About promises and confiscating laptops

10am was not a good time for me to wake up, it ended up being 1:30pm that I found my way (by foot, the front tire of my bike was COMPLETELY flat) to Lisanne’s house, snacks at the ready, and out of breath.

Episode one of Orphan Black sparked my interest, and we’ll be watching the rest of season one after a quick hop to the supermarket.

I’m comfortable in her bed (with her laptop, how could you tell us apart like this) right now, a bit sick off chocolate, not sure why. Her laptop is overheating just a bit, but it makes for a nice warm spot for cold nights. God bless old laptops. I downloaded season one of Torchwood for her, too.
I’m picking out the dog hairs from between her keys, I don’t know how she manages. Or how she managed to lose her backspace and tab key, it’s awful. 

Nonetheless, she’s taking a shower, and I’m going to round up this post and join her to the Albert Heijn soon.

See you in hell!

Before I go to bed…

Not only will this be a blog for me to dribble all over and possibly forget, it’s also in a minor way, a bet, between me and Liz, who is on here under the URL of wordsonathousandpages, to see who can stay active on our blogs the longest. I’m usually the kind of person to forget I made a blog, and so, let it gather virtual dust and leave it untouched for years, and I wanted to see who could hang onto their blog longer. Not forced, just, who will keep it regularly updated and visited.

That’s my little bet, but that’s not what this blog is about.

Anyways, I’m going to stuff my laptop under my couch and wrap myself in blankets, now. Early day (not really, but when you wake up at an average time of 2pm, 9am is a big change.) tomorrow!



I won’t be informing you on myself here, there’s an About page for a reason. I’ll be updating this blog with my thoughts and possibly interesting events in my life.

I’ll make this quick because I’ll go to sleep soon. Not because I’m tired, but because I’m a responsible adult who needs to make the right decisions.


Says the girl who’s going over to her friends’ at 10am to watch all 12 episodes of Orphan Black in a day.
And failed, quite hilariously, may I add, at making lasagna with her brother. Well, it was my brothers fault, really. He forgot everything but was so busy forgetting, he wouldn’t let me do it. It was still sort of edible, I suppose. 

I never succeed at keeping things short, I’m sort of unorganized. Should I try making a mind palace? My mum succeeded, and so did Sherlock, I might give it a shot, I know how it works.

A bit.

So, this will be my blog, where I will tell the world of my minor adventures, my stray thoughts and maybe my existential crisis. What do you think?